Travelling with the “olive”

Our school during the course of research work with students of 1st year of our Lyceum successfully implemented a Project entitled:

“Travelling with the olive in time and in Europe”

elia 2It is an effort that seeks through the image and the written word to come a long way during historical time, from the mythical beginning of the presence of the holy tree in the Mediterranean area up to our days, passing by places of myth to the realities of the longitudinal course of the olive culture in Greece and specifically in Ermionida 우분투 gcc 다운로드.

elia 3Groups of our students through experiential methods of discovery learning method approached the topic and carried out actions aimed at the opening of the school to the local community 쇼미더머니777 4화 다운로드. The school’s participation in the Olive Festival of our municipality was extremely successful. You can watch related videos:

During the second semester we continue dealing with the same topic through an Environmental… Jinto Exhaust. Continue reading